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perpetually sleeping

magic metal men does not a robot make
12 April 1978

This journal is partially Friends Only.

20", acid, activism, aesop rock, agnosticism, alice, alice in wonderland, ani, ani difranco, anime, ansel adams, aphex twin, atheism, aurafice, bdsm, ben and jerry's, beth gibbons, bicycling, bill hicks, billie holiday, bisexuality, biting, bjork, blues, bmx, bok choy, books, break-beats, calvin and hobbes, cantonese, causation, chai, cheese, chevelle, chinese, chinese culture, chinese movies, chobits, chrno crusades, coffee, coffee shops, computers, cookies, cooking, cuddling, dancing, deftones, determinism, dj-ing, drum&bass, dykes, eghs, electronica, elk grove, favors, fight club, flash, flashbacks, flashing, flcl, freestyle, gellies, gels, graffiti, hentai, internet, invader zim, jazz, jewelry making, kid koala, killing the president, kissing, laplacian determinism, lesbians, lsd, lysergic acid diethylamide, making out, martha stewart, masturbation, materialistic-determinism, modest mouse, morning glory chai, mr. spot's chai house, music, naruto, nihilism, nudity, nwtekno, objectivism, orbital, oregeno, panes, paper, people watching, photography, physics, pigtails, pink floyd, politics, portishead, procrastination, pyramid, quentin tarantino, radiohead, rain, raves, reading, realism, reality, reason, records, recycle, resolume, rjd2, samples, seattle, sensuality, sewing, sex, sexual, sexual favors, sexuality, simpsons, skin, snuggling, southpark, subliminal imaging, tea, techno, tequila, the cure, the simpsons, thinking, tool, tori amos, tripping, turntables, underworld, utilitarianism, video games, video jockey, vinyl, visuals, vj, vj-ing, weezer, white chocolate, white roses, wine, writing